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TigrisCommunity for Open Source Software Engineering
Chip-Online DownloadseiteDownloadseite der Computerzeitschrift.
DDADas Download-Archiv bietet sortiert Programme zum Download an
Download.comDownload of programs sorted in categories.
FreshmeatLarge Index of Linux-, Unix- and cross-platform-software with descriptions and the links to download it
WinSCPDownload of a free free SFTP, FTP and SCP client for Windows
PuTTYDownload of a free Telnet and SSH Client software
SharewareSammlung von Shareware-Programmen
SoftpileProgramme zum Download
TucowsSoftware Library for freeware and shareware software
WinloadDownload von Shareware und Freeware in Kategorien geordnet
KDE Applicationsdownload applications for linux KDE
Flynplatform which offers free software projects. Some useful tools can be downloaded here.
JeticoSecuritytools for download: encryption, firewall and diskwiping softwaretools.
AsteriskA complete PBX in software for Linux, BSD and MacOSX. Does VoIP in many protocols, and almost all standards.
Resplendenceregistry management tool for Microsoft Windows.
TrueCryptFree open-source disk encryption software for Windows XP/2000/2003 and Linux
CMS SimpleKostenlos nutzbares Content Management System, welches keine MySQL-Datenbank benötigt .
Typo3Information about the free TYPO3 content management system, how to get started and download possibilities.
RedaxoKostenloses Content-Management-System
PostnukeOpensource Content-Management-System
Printkey 2000Kostenloses Windowsprogramm, um Screenshots vom aktuellen Bildschirminhalt zu erstellen
WintotalWindowsportal mit aktuellen Informationen und zahlreichen Downloadmöglichkeiten
Seti@homeDownloadable screensaver which helps searching for extraterrestrical life.
Monkey BreadSome freeware applications coming with source code for download: Most of them for Mac OS.

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