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Ctrl+Alt+DelTech and computer nerd comic strip
No Pink PoniesWebcomic that gets updated four times a week
Darwin AwardsThe story of persons who managed to kill themselves in a way that looks as if they were no loss for the human genepool.
Nico Fauser: Auweia CartoonsJede Woche neue Auweia!-Cartoons von Nico Fauser.
UhrgeilEin rund-um-die-Uhr Zeitansage von menschlichen Sprechern.
Periodic Table of Comic BooksPeriodic Table of the elements. Click on an element to see a list of comic book pages involving that element.
After BeersAttractivity of women is influenced by the numbers of beers.
Just PubShort comic strips about the egoshooter Enemy Territory
Pure PwnageCollection of selfmade videos about a computer nerd who mixes up games and reality, about ruling, total ownage and n00bs
Ahoi PolloiZynische Cartoonzeichnungen im Notizbuchformat
NetdisasterVirtual disasters - Choose a site whose destruction would bring you bliss and delight, or just fun.
FlugangstBesorgnis erregende Mitschriften der Kommunikation zwischen Tower und Piloten
Plastic DogSkuriler und zynischer Comicstrip.
Your Einstein pictureImplements a text of your choice to a picture of Albert Einstein writing to a chalk board.
FunnyjunkAnother website collecting Funpics, Movies, Flashmovies and Flashgames for entertainment.
Bark`s BaseInformationen zum Leben und Werk von Carl Barks, der vielen als der beste Donald Duck-Zeichner von Walt Disney gilt.
Optical IllusionsCollection of several (animated) optical illusions with explanations
The brick testamentShowing parts of biblestories with LEGO figures. Sometimes unusual interpretations.
Olle BergHere you can view some of the comics of Olle Berg
eBaum`s WorldDaily collection of strange or funny movieclips
Joy of techNearly daily comicstrip mainly on geek and tech themes
More misheard lyricsDatabase of often misheard song lyrics ordered by artist or title.
EepybirdShows the experiment where diet coke and mentos create a fountain which is over ten feet high
Strip GeneratorHere you can easily create and publish a simple comic strip and watch the comicstrips other user created.
Revocation of IndependanceNotice of Revocation of Independance from United Kingdom towards the USA.

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