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BiospaceBiotech news, stories and information on jobs
Arxiv.orgOnline archive for physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science, and quantitative biology.
science directüber 1800 naturwissenschaftliche Journale online verfügbar
Pubmed (Medline)Naturwissenschaftliche Datenbank mit den Schwerpunkten Medizin und Biochemie
Hai-SeiteEinführendes Wissen über Haifische
scinexxOnline-Magazin für Geo- und Naturwissenschaften.
NatureScience journals, jobs and information by the Nature magazine
Laborjournal onlineWissenswertes aus der Welt der Biochemie mit vielen hilfreichen Labortricks
World Conservation UnionIUCN Red Lists - comprehensive, apolitical approach for evaluating the conservation status of plant and animal species
Plants DatabaseThe Database of the NRCS provides online classification and information database on plants.
AntsWebsite about ants which provides tools for exploring the diversity and identification of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
Biological MorphingDynamic archive of information on digital morphology and X-ray computed tomography of biological specimens
jbcHomepage of the Journal of biological chemistry.
CSHLPrivate nonprofit institution with research programs in cancer, neuroscience, plant biology, genomics and bioinformatics
DerwentGlobal database of over 50 million full-text and front-page patent documents
CellMedical journal on cell biology and genome research
Species WikiA biological life wiki
EMBL HeidelbergHomepage of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory
WoRMSWorld Register of Marine Species
Encyclopedia of LifeProject to document all species of life on Earth.
TSRIThe Scripps Research Institute is a private, non-profit research organization for basic biomedical science

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