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jQueryJavaScript Library for traversing HTML documents, handle events or animations and add Ajax interactions to web pages.
TinyMCEjavascript html editor
Webmaster-EyeEinige Skripte, die sich in die eigene Homepage einbinden lassen
Onlineshop-SystemUnter GPL lizenzierte Internet-Shopping-Lösung mit Kundenverwaltung und Templating System
memhtPHP Content Management System and Blog for free download
phpBBFree Forum-Software which easily allows you to run a forum on your website. (Webspace needs PHP and MYSQL).
Solved captchasOverview of widely used captchas and information on their effectivity and weaknesses.
MediawikiInformation and free download of the wikisoftware which e.g. is used for Wikipedia
php classesDownload of php classes with help forum
MODx CMSOpen source PHP Application Framework and Content Management System
UBB CentralMessage Board not free of charge
websnaprService to include snapshots of other websites to a website..
Movable TypesContent management, blog and social community software
osCommerceOpen Source based online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU General Public License.
Zen-CartFree open source shopping cart software
DHTML and JavascriptsCollection of free downloadable DHTML and Javascripts to be implemented into your website
script.aculo.usCross-browser user interface JavaScript libraries
Raphael VectorgraphicJavaScript library to create vector graphics on websites
Resource IndexWebsite script resource with thousands of scripts mainly written in PHP or Perl
BloofoxFree open source content management system (CMS)

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