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Werbung buchen bei pooqSlampoet - Poetry Slam Ebook bei Amazon
WikiaPlatform that hosts many different wikis and which allows you to create a wiki of your own.
CSSZengardenA demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design.
robots.txtFunktion und Aufbau von robots.txt als Anweisung für Suchmaschinen-Crawler
KnellerSammlung von einigen tausend kostenlosen gif-Animationen und Hintergrundbildern zum Download
Latin 1 charactersTable which gives all characters which are available in the ISO Latin 1 character set (ISO 8859-1)
Enviromental VariablesOversight of the BrowserEnviromental Variables like HTTP_ACCEPT, HTTP_Referrer, HTTP_User_agent a.s.o.
Web SnifferYou can request the HTML-Code of any website and there is an information on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
WebdesignersDirectory of webdevelopers and web related designer who offer their service.
WikimatrixComparison of the abilities of existing Wiki software.
WordpressKostenloses Weblog-System zum Veröffentlichen persönlicher Beiträge mit Schwerpunkt Ästhetik und Benutzerfreundlichkeit
ColorblenderOnline tool for color matching and palette design to create a color matching palette of your favourite colors
Server log entriesGives you information on the bot and other client information you will find in the logfiles of your homepage server.
Forum signatureYou can link to this picture, which shows a comic figur holding a sign with personal data of the viewer
devMagOnlinemagazin mit Tipps & Tricks für Webentwickler
CSS-BugsThis Portal provides a collection of demos and solutions for bugs occuring usind Cascading Style Sheets
Webdeveloper`s JournalNews, Articles, Downloads and Forums for Programmers and Webdevelopers
WikidotFarm of wiki-sites which allows you to start your own free wiki without the need to install something yourself.
GomezCommercial website monitoring service which tracks speed and availability of websites.
ACID testsWeb Standards Compliance Tests
JimdoOnlineservice zur Erstellung einer eigenen Homepage
Foreign language charactersHTML encoding list of foreign language characters
HTML tags explainedCollection of HTML tutorials and reference.

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